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About HOvR NFT Marketplace.


HovR is the world’s first in-game NFT exchange for cross-game items. HovR leverages the state-of-the-art Qi blockchain to deliver a secondary marketplace positioned perfectly for the new phase of P2E gaming. Through various groundbreaking features, HovR seeks to put gamers back in the driver's seat.



[center]HovR is built on Qi—one of the most advanced blockchains in the world. Leveraging this network, HovR guarantees remarkably lower fees and an NFT marketplace ideal for real-time use cases. HovR focuses primarily on substantial NFT offerings such as in-game trading collectibles, purchase of web 3.0 domain, safekeeping of wills, ticket touting, social media avatars, and other NFTs with real value.
As the possibilities of NFTs in various industries are explored in the form of sports contracts, carbon credits, verifying college degrees, digital passports, medical records, etc., HovR aims to be at the forefront of this revolution, enabling users to exchange one token for another seamlessly./center]
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