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WildRig Multi (mtp) (x16rt)

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Отправлено 09 Январь 2019 - 19:01

WildRig Multi (mtp) (x16rt)



Что нового:
  • one more fix to client.reconnect processing
  • fixed client.reconnect logic
  • improved speed for different hashorders in algorithms like x16r, x16s, x16rt, hex, timetravel and so on
  • improved stability
  • implemented client.reconnect(needed for some pools, e.g. miningrigrentals, zpool)
  • added x16rt algo
  • improved MTP algo a bit
  • decreased donation to 2% for MTP
About MTP: this is the last version this year, and currently almost no sense to use it, difficulty on moon and there is a miner for NVIDIA with everything done on GPU. WildRig won't do that till next year, so.
  • decreased donation to 3%
  • added Hawaii kernel
  • returned version without SSE41 requirements(now can run with SSE2 only)
  • improved speed for stage "CPU: computing the root Phi of the Merkle hash tree"
  • implemented parallel GPU memory filling with stage "CPU: creating MerkleTree"
  • faster job discard
  • reconnect to pool if exceeded nonce
  • parameter --max-difficulty(reconnect to pool if job diff higher than nM set by this parameter)


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